Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fun Family Time!

Last Friday, my mom was in town with my 2 nieces and my nephew (who is unbelievably 16 years old now!). We had a fun time just visiting and eating pork loin that Mr. Rochester expertly grilled for us all that night. After dinner we sat down and played the Justice League Face Off Dice Game which we'd recently bought on sale at Target for $5. It was a lot of fun and it's a game that Mr. Rochester and I have enjoyed playing with Trotwood lately. I actually can't remember who won that night (Mr. Rochester probably) - we actually all had a lot of bad luck when it came to the roll of the dice. I think my nephew had the worst luck and didn't actually score any points. In the photo below, everyone is waiting for Mr. Rochester to tally up the scores to see who won.
Trotwood with his cousins! He sure loved having them here to play with.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First day

Trotwood's first day of kindergarten was today. I know I've said this many times, but I seriously can't believe he is old enough to go to kindergarten already! Five years have passed so quickly...and he's definitely not a baby anymore. Trotwood was very excited about going to kindergarten. A few days ago we took him shopping for a few new shirts to wear to school. He picked out a Turtles shirt, a Superman shirt, and two Skylander shirts. The day we bought the shirts, he decided he was going to wear the Turtles shirt on his first day of school. When we got to his classroom this morning, he just sat down at his desk and played with some wooden beads and some leather string his teacher gave him. I feel like Mr. Rochester and I were more worried about him starting school than Trotwood was. Of course, I cried a little when we got back to our car. It's not that I'm sad he's in kindergarten...I'm just worrying over him in a new school on his first day and kindergarten marks a milestone that Trotwood really is growing up, which is what I want him to do of course, I just don't want to forget all the precious moments and memories we've had with him while he's been young.

Several weeks ago, we purchased these BOB books so Trotwood could start learning to read at home. He's been very interested in letters and sounds and would ask us frequently if certain words started with certain letters. At night before he goes to bed, one of us will sit with him as he goes through the book. I think we're on Book 11 now and it's so fun to hear Trotwood sound out the letters and make the connections to words. He still has a lot to work on but I love seeing his smile when he figures out a new word.

At the end of his school day, Trotwood was all smiles when Mr. Rochester picked him up. Mr. Rochester set the phone up so Trotwood could face time with me on their drive home. Seeing Trotwood's happy face made me feel so much better that he would be just fine in kindergarten this year.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Taking the Plunge

Another fun set of photos from swimming lessons last year. Trotwood was very hesitant about jumping off the diving board - I still need to remind myself that he was three years old in these photos! The funny thing is, at four years old, this year during swim lessons, he was just as hesitant to jump again and one of the instructors had to pick him up and hand him down to the waiting lifeguard in the water.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Swim Lessons 2013 edition

I feel so far behind with my scrapbooking, it's hard for me to pick a starting place. So, randomly, I decided to start with Trotwood's swimming lessons from last year. He had so much fun and no fear of the water. Granted, after his month of swimming lessons, he would still sink to the bottom but...he was only three at the time! Sometimes, it's easy for me to forget how little my little boy really is...even though he's big enough to start kindergarten next week! I can't handle that. But that will be for another post.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby booties

A week or so ago, Mr. Rochester, Trotwood, and I went to Target to pick up a few things. While we were there, I suggested that we buy something for the baby. It's been seven months now and we haven't done any of the new baby preparations that most people would probably be working on. Because we're trying to be realistic about what could happen with this pregnancy, we haven't set up a crib, bought a car seat, or even purchased any fun cute clothes to put in the baby's closet in expectation of the her birth. I've actually asked friends and family to wait to buy anything or host baby showers until after the baby is born so we know we actually have a baby that we can bring home from the hospital and shower with gifts.

Throughout my past pregnancies, Mr. Rochester and I would always look at different baby clothes and items and buy something here and there for the baby. We just did the normal things you would do when you're expecting a new baby. In fact, we still have a brand new unopened crib, dresser/changing table, and high chair in the garage. It's been over two years now and honestly, I don't even remember what the crib is supposed to look like.

So, in light of our decision to be optimistic, we bought some baby booties. Mr. Rochester and I picked out these cute newborn shoes.
And Trotwood picked out these 6 month size baby booties.
We actually have a few storage bins full of girl clothes that we'd bought or received from past baby showers or shopping trips for our other girls. The other day I realized that all the clothes we have were bought for baby girls born in January in Utah and with this baby being a September baby born in the South, I'm not really sure how much use we'll get out of the clothes we already have. Yet, even if we never use the clothes, I'm not sure I'll be able to get rid of them or even give them away. They were for my two sweet babies who never got to wear them. As sentimental as it may sound, I just want to keep the clothes...

So far, everything with my pregnancy has gone well. Every four weeks, I've been getting ultrasounds that specifically check for things like blood flow and brain hemorrhaging and so far, there are no abnormalities. The ultrasounds and labs are all clear and the baby moves around a lot. We plan on delivering in mid-September sometime around 36 weeks with the hope of preempting whatever happened around 37.5 weeks with our other two girls. Even though 36 weeks is early to deliver, I keep hoping for a healthy baby who doesn't have to spend time in the NICU although we realize that might happen one way or another.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Chocolatey goodness!

My parents came up for a visit this weekend. Last week was my step-dad's 64th birthday so I thought it would be fun to surprise him with a chocolate cake. Also, when I took my glucose test for this pregnancy a few weeks ago, my blood sugar was high so I cut out all refined sugars and simple carbohydrates before going in for the 3 hours glucose screening last Tuesday. By Saturday, I still hadn't heard about the three hour glucose test so I thought I could treat myself to a slice of the chocolate cake since I'd been going without sugar for a few weeks. I was really pleased with how the cake turned, especially since I don't think I've ever attempted a chocolate cake from scratch before.

Cake reviews from the family: My mom and step-dad seemed to like it. Trotwood said it was "too chocolatey" for him, and Mr. Rochester had a very small slice (he's also not a huge chocolate guy). I thought it was awesome. Here are the recipes I used: Moist Chocolate Cake & Fluffy Chocolate Frosting. I think I originally saw this recipe because one of Mr. Rochester's cousins posted online that she made this and it was amazing. So, when I had the chance to bake for some chocolate lovers, I wanted to try it out.
Obviously, my decorating job isn't anything to write home about and I should have take a picture of just a slice of the cake to show the texture but if you like chocolate, this is an awesome cake to make. Oh, also, instead of using coffee in the cake, I just used boiling hot water and it still turned out deliciously.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Swimming lessons

Last week, Trotwood started swimming lessons again. We did them last year and he loved being in the pool and well, he still doesn't know how to swim so we did them again this year. He's slowly progressing but I have a feeling we'll be doing them yet again next year. We just don't get to practice with him any outside of his lessons (also I don't own a maternity swimsuit). Yesterday, at swim lessons, Trotwood wanted me to take a video of him going off the diving board. Last week was his first time this year to jump off the diving board and he was really hesitant about it. He actually had one of his swim instructors pick him up and pretty much place him in the water where the other instructor was waiting. On his next turn, we coaxed him into jumping off himself and he thought that was really fun. Since then he's lost all hesitation to jump off the diving board as evidenced by this video below:

I think it's funny to see how he looks like he is running in the water after he jumps in the water and he tries to "swim" to the pool edge. He just hasn't quite grasped that it's easier to swim when your body is horizontal instead of vertical in the water.